Thoughts about the horror at 30 years from the Coup (1976.2006)

DVD release that contains the video works that were part of the Exercises of Memory exhibition, together with a book that compiles some theoretic articles about the pieces.


Gabriela Golder and Andrés Denegri (compilers)
Exercises of memory: Thoughts on the horror, thirty years after the coup (1976-2006)
[Bilingual edition 76 p.; 18x12cm. DVD included]
1st Ed. Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, 2007
Editorial EDUNTREF
ISBN 978-987-1172-21-4


Table of contents

  • Videos on DVD:
  • “Lecciones Nocturnas” Guillermo Cifuentes (1997-1998)
  • “La memoria de los caracoles” Edgar Endress (2001)
  • “11 de septiembre” Claudia Aravena (2002)
  • “El otro lado de la hoguera” Gustavo Galuppo (2006)
  • “Granada” Graciela Taquini (2005)
  • “Post-imagenes” Ricardo Pons (2006)
  • “1978-2003” Carlos Trilnick (2003)

Texts by

Rodrigo Alonso, Guillermo Cifuentes, Andrés Denegri, Gabriela Golder, Ana Longoni, Pablo Orlando, Victoria Sayago, Victoria Simón, Jorge Zuzulich.

Where to find

UNTREF’s Library, building Caseros I