Siete miradas sobre el Bicentenario

Between 19 and 25 of May, in connection with the bicentennial celebrations that took place on 9 de Julio Avenue, Continente suggested a daily release of a video work of an argentinean artist.

Seven artists have been called to realizing a brief piece, of approximately five minutes, without sound, which crosses directly or tangentially topics linked to the bicentenary such as the diversity, the inheritance, the identity, the holiday, the national being, the citizenship, the history, the traces of the time.

The selected artists have been chosen not only for their artistic qualities but also for their ability to solve in a very short period of time a work of these characteristics with a high professional and creative level.

All the artists selected include several video artists generations, from already established authors whose imprint in the history of argentinean video is indisputable, as Carlos Trilnick. Consolidated artists with international projection such as Hernan Khourian or Gustavo Galuppo. Young authors who stand in contemporary production as Javier Olivera, Victoria Sayago and Enrique Bernacchini to emerging video artists, as is the case of Javier Plano, advanced student of the Electronic Arts degree at UNTREF.

We believe that the dialogue emerged from these works, its coexistence in a public space and the possible deployment emotions and questions will be an opportunity of big wealth for those who participate into the Bicentennial events.

video: Javier Plano

1. Frisos electrónicos

Duration: 5.30 min.

Carlos Trilnick: He was born in Rosario in 1957. Since 1980 he participate at many exhibitions among which should be highlighted those which took place at the Museo da Imagen e du Son, San Pablo; Museo de Extremadureño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo, Badajoz; Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogotá, European

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Sydney; Museo de Artes Visuales de Montevideo; Bienal del MERCOSUR, Porto Alegre; Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Ginebra; Calit2, California; Centro Cultural Recoleta; Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. He is a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires and Visiting teacher at the University of California, San Diego, USA, at the University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia and of the Masters in Multimedia from the University of Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador. Carlos lives and works in Buenos Aires.

2. Untitled

Duration: 5.40 min.

Enrique Bernacchini: Parallel to his studies at the Universidad del Cine, where he graduated as a director in 2004, was formed in a haphazard between music and sound art. Of this research highlights the kinds of electronic music with Ernesto Romeo. In his video production they stand out “Diapocollage” (2001), “Jardin” (2004), “Una brisa” (2006), “Sao Jose” (2008) y “No input video mixer” (2008). After working in many different jobs in the film industry, he focuses on sound design, developing audio for film, video, installations and multimedia. Among these productions stand out “The Elephant Cage” and “Whiteness of an exotic place”, both with Marcia Vaitsman and KHM de Colonia (Alemania) support, and la Prince Claus Fund (Holanda). More recently “Grito” y “Diálogos”, a video and instalation by Andrés Denegri. So much his works in alone as the collaborations, are important samples at national festivals and exhibitions abroad. Nowadays he teaches video at the Universidad del Cine and audio at the ORT.

3. Ser procer

Duration: 4.37 min.

Javier Olivera: He was born in Buenos Aires, 1969. Initially trained in painting, at workshops with Jorge Simes, Angel Capano, Luis Felipe Noé y Eduardo Stupía; then he studied cinema in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Latin-American literature in the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset, Spain. His first film EL VISITANTE (1999, Julio Chávez, Valentina Bassi) was exhibited in festivals of France, Canada, Cuba, Spain and Argentina. He has also directed television movies, documentaries and TV series in Argentina, the United States and Spain. He taught at the School of Cinema of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, and collaborated with UNICEF, INAI (Instituto Nacional de Asuntos Indígenas), and LACLA (Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles). His artistic work includes paintings, digital works, photographs, videos and video installations which have been exhibited in individual and group exhibitions in Argentina and abroad: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Gara, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Espacio Giesso, CCEBA, VVVGallery (Argentina), Iturralde Gallery, Cactusland (USA); and are part of private collections of Argentina, USA and France. He has participated in festivals such as Fuga Jurásica, Freecuencia, LA Freewaves, Oversoul, among others. Together with the sound artist Luis Marte he composes audiovisual works executed on real time works.

4. Caminando

Duration: 5.17 min

Hernán Khourián: Born in the city of La Plata in 1972 where he graduated BA in Audiovisual Communication at the Facultad de Bellas Artes. He completed his training by obtaining a Master in Creative Documentary at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. His work has been supported by the Antorchas Foundation on two occasions and the Netherlands Jan Vrijman (Idfa). He has won several awards including the Salon Nacional de artes visuales of Argentina. In 2006 has won an artist residency fellowship held at Cité Internationale des Arts, París. In the last years he teaches at Universidad del Cine, and also at Universidad Nacional de Lanús and Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

5. Las ramas de los árboles

Duration: 9.08 min.

Victoria Sayago: She was born in Córdoba en 1980, and she lives in Buenos Aires since 1984. She has graduate in Dirección cinematográfica of Universidad del Cine, and dealed the Master of the same specialization. She studied photography with Guillermo Ueno and is currently attending to the experimental film workshops of Claudio Caldini. In 2008 she won a scholarship by Nacional del Fondo Nacional de las Arte en Medios Audiovisuales. Currently she is researching and producing in both the super 8 mm such as different formats analog photography. Her works have been exhibited in national and international festivals such as: MedMedia, Festival Internacional de la Imagen. M.A.M Medellín/ “Videografías in(visibles)” en América Latina. A.T.A. y A.E.C.I./ Muestra Premio MAMBA- Fundación Telefónica, 4ª Edición/ 15º Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas Videobrasil/ 11ème Biennale de l’image en mouvement Ginebra, among others. Her photographies have been exhibited at Currículum Cero 2008 Galería Ruth Benzacar /Fundación Standard Bank/ Muestra: “Viajo y un vagón hermoso” Centro Cultural Borges/ Espacio Canasta, among others. She carry on with a group of photographers the online photo exhibition “yo no me imaginé nada”. He taught experimental film and video in the postgrade Postrado de Lenguajes Artísticos Combinados del Instituto Universitario de la Arte (2005-2004) and in the Universidad del Cine (2001-2005). She is currently teaching at the Artes Electrónicas career, Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero and and photography workshop in Ciclo Adolescente de Educación por el Arte del Instituto Vocacional de Arte “Manuel José de Labarden”. She works of Art Curator at the Ministry of Education’s Office since 2003.

6. 5 acciones (sobre la memoria colectiva)

Duration: 7.54 min.

Javier Plano: Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1979. He studied Ingeniería en Informática at Universidad Nacional de La Matanza for four years. In 2006 he joins to the Electronic Arts degree career from the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. He has participated in workshops of audiovisual creation with Hernán Khourián and Gustavo Galuppo, among others.
In 2007 he began to produce video works participating in many festivals and exhibitions organized by locally and abroad institutions. He has participated in the edition of the independent films Malditos Sean! (2008) and Behind The Trees (2009). He is part of Continente since 2008. He collaborated in the design and and assembly facility of the installation Diálogos (en los bancos de una plaza) created by Andrés Denegri (Grand Prize Winner MAMBA /Fundación Telefónica 2009-2010 to Arts and New Technologies), exhibited in 2010.

7. Los reflejos frágiles

Duration: 5.03 min.

Gustavo Galuppo: Born in Rosario, Argentina, 1971. His formal training in cinema is truncated at the third and final year of the career of Audio-visual Producer who is dictated in Rosario. With the incomplete career he decides to deepen into the knowledge of the theory and the history of the cinema. From then he begins a work of study and reflection that will be published in newspapers of the city and in the film & video magazine “El Eclipse”, of which he was one of the founders and first director.
He works with experimental video since 1998. He has received fellowships from the Antorchas Foundation and of Rosario (MACRO). His work has won several international awards and is exhibited continuously in exhibitions from all around the world. Among the awards he won are the MAMBA (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires), the BAFICI (Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de BsAs), and JVC Tokyo Video Festival (Japón) prizes. His texts are also published in various print media. He has participated in collective books, and has coordinated the series of 3 books Videoperfiles. Since 2002 is part of the dark rock group Vera Baxter also works as university teacher.

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